LIQUIBAR - Pre-packaged Barium Enema



Designed for double contrast examinations of the colon.  A modern formulation containing 125% w/v barium sulfate ensures excellent coating characteristics and includes a defoaming agent.  Pre-packaged in an enema bag or unique bottle.  The specialised administration device incorporates a one-way air valve to assist with administration of air for double contrast examinations.  Enema bags available in cartons of 12 x 350mL or 12 x 500mL.



LIQUIBAR - Liquid Barium Sulfate



A pleasantly flavoured suspension of barium sulfate developed for use in x-ray diagnosis of the entire gastro-intestinal tract.  Containing 125% w/v of barium sulfate along with a defoaming agent.  Liquibar is an easy-to-use liquid product that may also be used for oesophageal and small bowel studies.  May be used in concentrated or diluted form - just add water and shake.  Available in cartons of 6 x 350mL or 6 x 500mL or 6 x 1.25L.  Also available are the 2Lt bottles individually.



CT Plus+ - Liquid Barium Sulfate for Computerised Tomography


CT Plus


Liquibar CT is a contrast medium developed for use in computed tomography diagnosis of the abdomen.  It is a pleasant raspberry-flavoured suspension of barium sulfate 2.2% w/w.  With rapid transit time to the colon and excellent coating qualities, CT Plus+ is the preferred medium for use, as it does not contain iodine.  No additional mixing containers are required as this product is supplied in a large bottle with a wide neck, which allows space for easy dilution and administration.  Available in cartons of 24 x 250, 24 x 450mL or 1.9Lt bottles.



X-FOAM - Defoaming Agent



A simethicone compound developed to control foam bubbles.  Useful in all medical imaging contrast examinations of the gastro-intestinal tract.  Also recommended for use during endoscopy and colonoscopy.  Application to scoping instruments eliminates gas bubbles and permits clearer view of the area.  Available in 100mL bottles with 2mL dispenser pump.



X-EVESS - Gas Producer



A carbon dioxide, gas-producing compound.  X-Evess has been specifically developed for use in examinations requiring double contrast visualisation of the stomach and small bowel.  The product comes in a two-part liquid, ready for swallowing, with a pleasant taste easily accepted by patients.  Due to the ease of swallowing a liquid, a great deal less gas production occurs in the mouth (as happens with granules) but rather, gas is produced in the stomach where it is required.  As X-Evess is a liquid there is no problem with residues which may give the appearance of abnormality in the x-ray.  Available in a 2-pack - one 500mL bottle of Part 1 and one 500mL of Part 2.



X-OPAQUE - Barium Meal




A strawberry-flavoured contrast medium specially developed for use in double contrast examinations of the stomach.  The contrast medium contains 97.65% w/w barium sulfate, which remains easily in suspension.  This easy-to-mix, high density, barium sulfate product which incorporates defoaming agents has good patient acceptability and excellent coating characteristics.  Available in cartons of 24 x 300g as well as 20kg buckets.






A complete range of enema tips for all examinations.  The tips are flexible for patient safety and all cuffs are manufactured from silicone.  Our full range of accessories includes cufflators, air insufflators and spillage rings.